Where do we stand??

Is that what we deserve?

We are still been treated as inferiors

Can anyone hear us?

When it comes to the rights of women,

Everyone is dumb.

The so called government boasts around-

Babbling about the reservations they’ve included

But who can understand the arduous sacrifices-

Which they’ve (we’ve) been making, since time immemorial?

We still can’t walk aloof during and after twilight

Uncouth hooting, whistling and comments are passed from behind

And when we try to reminiscence the society we belong to-

It’s disastrous!

Honor bright-

Instead of teaching man not to rape-

Women’s are warned not to get raped

Are we too fragile?

Why can’t we be equalized?

Where do we stand?

We need to think and act wise-

Before the world turns up side down,

Or side-ward up.

A social gathering in a spot

Is a spot where women get groped

Or raped within the eye of a beholder-

Dresses, they comment.

Aren’t women raped when they cover themselves in a sari?

Or cover their unseen cleavages with a dupatta?

How greedy seems their stares?

How uncouth their desires-

How pornographic their thoughts.

And how pathetic are their nurtures?

World! world! where are we?

Tag a new location so that we could be safe.