The unfiled note

11th February 2014
01:45 am

I was having a brief look at every channel, the button on the remote was sinking every now and then I pressed. Suddenly a blink on my phone stated a ‘whatsapp’ message from an old friend. I had to put the ‘flipping channel business’ into forbearance and it unintentionally stopped where a Hindi horror film was tele-casting. After I replied a text, I set my eyes on the television.

‘SHIT’ I uttered. A woman with grey hair and multi colored eye was gaping at me. My throat was too dry to swallow my fear. I was unable change, operate or unset anything. I hastily reached the point and unplugged the wires. I couldn’t catch my breath, I felt like I just had a halt after running a mile or two. I thought a glass of water could calm my chaos from within, I emptied the half liter bottle and I had to recline as I was too tired after a day’ work, I don’t have a habit of sleeping with the light on so I recklessly stretched my arm for the switch, time too unfavorable Bipsy (my dog) started growling. Things seemed too connected, one after another awful episodes with an appropriate timing made my heart beat faster. I still don’t know if the entire night was an illusion, hallucination or just my perception, I could hear a rough drag of feet, maybe Bipsy was barking at that ‘someone’ (it could be a ghost, a thief, a murderer, damn it! It could be anyone) I started wondering. I was too afraid to check my phone which’s always found under the pillow least at night. I kept on uttering ‘our father in heaven…………’ A voice in my head said turn on the light; another devilish conscience No, No, No, don’t. A helpless situation with a crappy dilemma..

I was hundred and ten percent sure that I’d die that ominous night, either I’d be killed or I’d die a natural death accompanied by a panic anxiety attack or a heart attack.

My sympathetic nervous system was activated and had no clue of appeasement. I was seriously praying for a pacification to interrupt and ice the total circumstance. The wind was whistling outside and a sharp shattering sound of my room’s breaking window was clear to understand that the only hindrance between me and the unidentified subject outside is no longer abridging me.

The black blood damped hand was by the broken pane. Damn it! I was literally spooked; I turned the light on and wore my specks to clear my blurry vision. The current of the air was too strong and with the rapid motion my alternative visibility cracked on the floor. And I don’t know what happened after that, I felt a huge lightening on my forehead and it slowly darkened into micro dots like mist in the atmosphere. My body loosened at a snail’s pace and my lid turned heavier and was nauseous, after that I fell on the arms of the earth.

Everything was dark, calm and cozy, perhaps that was the first time I got unconscious, ever! I was awakened with a loud bark again, I felt goose bumps on my antibrachium, it was too cold, I stood up to grab my pullover which was lying on my bed.

‘Ouch’ my body was aching, like a cramp we get after a first day’ workout. I was supported horizontally on the floor for four hours. The sky was preparing for a dawn, the breeze was quite tantalizing and I could forget everything for an instance but what happened the previous night was Irrevocable and genuinely paranormal.

I don’t remember much.
Had to unfile the note!


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