Beauty lied in my Sun glass.

While I was riding back home this evening my internal monologue silently murmured ‘behold’

I gazed up and witnessed the sky, it looked beautiful, I smiled. I decreased my speed. The clouds had different shapes, nimbus! And the color was peculiar like light shade of crimson or magenta. I scooted towards left and stopped my two-wheeler. Attaining peace was just fragments of words till I observed the natural and magical aura. The smell of sweet breeze curled up in one of my sense organ and I felt like examining a blissful meditation. It seemed I was without any worry and life like an excuse of a silly faux pas. Nimbus the other day showed signs of hostility by accompanying thunderstorms. Riding was a brief curse then.
I wanted to capture the episodic beauty which pleased my aesthetic sense today, I took my camera out and removed my eye wear which I always use to primarily prevent  the bright sunlight which discomforts my eyes while riding. Focusing on my display, I saw no colorful nimbus. Thinking what went wrong, unpredictability of nature and all that I re-gazed up. It was white and blue.
I lost my emotional control in distortion. “How did that happen?”  Was my obsessive question to my internal monologue, in aghast I replaced my eye wear and saw crimsons again and then I realized the peculiar colors were given by my sun-glass. Then I sarcastically thought, beauty lied in my Sun-glass.


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