Reminder of an anniversary

People turn to perceive love as a fragrance, spreading from a new bud;
Which blossoms and turns into beautiful flower in each passing day
But the same bud coarsens and falls apart from the stem,
No one realizes the phase, the third line, in the initial stage,
Like her love, spread fragrance, blossomed and slowly coarsened,
Her relationship with love was and is never immortal-she kept saying.
It departs continuously, hastily, pithily and pathetically,
I’m petrified with my own life-I heard her say,
But no one seems to care-like the rough fallen petals, drifting in the wind.
Petals and She, once were so tempting- admirably blithesome,
When I try to think life beyond- there’s nothing…she kept mumbling.
No imagination; it’s a complete THE END.
I just let her talk and she poured her heart out.
But pertaining to the living part,
Phew! I die eventually, with no hope and I trudge,
Trudge towards attaining peace- attaining life, I suppose.
Things are bright and extremely beautiful when new, isn’t it?
She asked and continued….
Like my red dress, but color fades and bodies unable to fit in it, we grow fatter,
Yes, exactly like my life, exactly like my life!
Time comes when one have to set a reminder for the anniversary,
How can one stay unremembered?
The arduous day when we first got together?
He literally won me over evil, I saw love in his eyes; I did!
I wonder how nonchalantly changes developed,
How comfortably anyone feels to stay uncared and unloved?
Untouched probably…..
Greedy and thirsty in love once upon a time.
Now indifferent; now indifferent,
But I am fine! He the best teacher, taught me to smile, let go and never wait.
And I won and I’m alone.
She wiped her tears before signing off.


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