A few seconds can make an enormous difference.

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I get a picture of Charlie even in a nano second of my eye blink, before sitting to blog, he followed me upstairs and climbed towards my lap mounting to my shoulder, I guess he did that when he dint see me for couple of hours or when he missed me. He continuously chafed his face to my neck and distracted me from my work which made me place him on the chair nearby, mulish and intractable creature jumped to lap once again. His activities often made me feel that I’m loved and wanted.

I detested cats for their grumpiness, but when Charlie was born, he brought immense happiness in my life, the day I saw him, I fell in love, I realized how beautiful kittens are but loathed his mother who was a black lucky, dad’s favorite cantankerous cat.

With every passing day Charlie and Bruce grew bigger, they both were greedy, sadly after some weeks Bruce left us, I wasn’t that wretched for he had, not as much of Charlie’s memories.

Yet after, another few weeks, my dad’s favorite cantankerous cat went missing, by expecting her entry back home the other day, we cared less, but she dint return, we prolonged our expectations and later her absence made us feel that she’s dead, so we stopped expecting. Charlie was still a baby who longed for his mother to breastfeed him when she never returned.

After losing his brother and mother, Charlie became very friendly to humans, he considered Roseline (a black dog) his sister and we-his family. When I returned home after work, he use to jump and mount to my shoulder asking for some biscuits or just some love.

Every single person who met him instantly fell in love. He was an epitome of bliss and happiness. He always brought a smile on my face even in my worst days. He slowly grew bigger, with us.

But today, after twilight, after he climbed to my lap and after I placed him on the chair, without my attention he disappeared. Considering other dogs like Roseline, he went to play with their tails outside (there were three dogs, that’s what mom said) like he used to play Roseline’s, when she waved indicating her happiness.

A pack of dogs chased, dragged and killed my pet, he died in no time. What a bad day I had. I lost the most valuable gem, and with him, I lost a part of my life along with my happiness.

Had I clinched him close to my heart without placing him on the chair, without letting him go off me, I guess I could have saved him from an unanticipated event, of course few seconds thus made an enormous difference.

May his soul Rest In Peace. :(family