Some little freedom

Varinka Turquoise

representative picture.

representative picture.

We proudly honor the day of independence,
but we somehow live in other’s dependence
Freed ourselves from the rule of British’s
but women’ today still have unfilled wishes.

Walk free, wear shorts and guys won’t hoot
Tall dark man touches her waste and walks off in brown boot
Celebrate freedom-day in your way
here we scream, we shout, but who listens to our say?

All these are some little freedom we need, we are yet to be free
if neglected, many young victims will hang themselves in a tree.
If you think India is an independent country-think again
cyber bullies, eve teasers, molesters and rapist, don’t let lives go in vain

Be a man enough to respect every figures of a lady,
you might be blessed with a daughter tomorrow who will also turn into a lady
you talk about celebrations and feasts which you set on your table
but today, a road without eve teasers and gapers are a mere fable

Wish ‘happy freedom day’ to every random passer-by
here Bharat-Mata too may veil her face, feeling shy
Think how free are we to express ourselves in words or prints?
We write, we speak but tomorrow, in our face a Politian leaves their fingerprints

And we talk about freedom!
We still have to work a lot to achieve a real freedom.
Let’s come along and march a parade demanding for a real freedom.
For today, tomorrow and every day, we need to fight for a real freedom.


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