Kalimpong’s Haat


You know you are in Kalimpong when you reach town after getting badly caught in traffic for more than 15 minutes, that’s when you will realize that it’s Wednesday or Saturday-Haat day to be precise.


Now,take a walk down with the crowd to haat bazaar from C.K Chowk, you won’t hesitate to grab a handful of fresh leafy vegetables just arrived from the outskirts of this town with sparkling dews still lingering in it….


Take me home, cook me and eat me! :p

From fruits to every type of vegetables, and from crockery’s to foot wears of all sizes, haat bazaar comes with every flavor.






Junks? I bet you love them, are you thinking about fresh steamy momos to spicy alu-thukpas? Oh! This is the right place to see this winter. When people are busy shopping groceries, excuse yourself to munch the fresh street food from here.


You get fumbees too!

What else do you expect for? Do you wanna see the exquisite doko? (handmade huge basket to carry firewood) that’s in the left hand side from the center of Haat, that is if you enter from C.K Chowk, the ethnic craft of the local people won’t fail to surprise you.


Let’s buy and support them. 🙂

And did you say that you are embarrassed to shop vegetables from Haat?  Common, you need to grow up, everybody needs to eat to survive and you are lucky for there’s a famous fish market by the entrance.


Macha Bazar!

What mutton? That you get everywhere! 😀  Oh! chickens? yeah! they are waiting for your rescue.


But for every bit of fresh local fruits, you need to shop here, oh! Wait! Oranges are here already.


Local Oranges

While you are busy choosing clothes for yourself in another edge of haat, the tattered blue tarpaulin above your head gives you the feel of ‘patches of sunlight’ in the sheltered afternoon, like, oh! What a pleasant day!











Mushrooms, bamboo shoots, or green peas, everything would lie fresh in haat ghar in their respectful seasons. The first selling of squash-root will see hassle there in winters (for iskus ko Jara ra raya ko saag makes the best combination and fortunately both are found in the same season.)


Two most loved things in one picture!

And before leaving haat, don’t forget to drop a coin or two to this guy here.


Lastly, talk about the bee-haat days of haat bazaar, trust me, you’ll find children playing crickets and hopscotch’ everywhere and the edges of this interesting place would be covered with just washed and hung-to-dry sarees.




A young lad, a father of 13-

When I first heard about Kunal, my eyebrows were curled in disbelief, after I visited him (a year ago) I became a different person.



before they planted trees, picture with the author 🙂


Kunal Ghatani did make many headlines in the regional newspapers but the headlines didn’t give his children food to eat and cloths to wear. He astonishingly adopted 13 children when what he actually wanted to do was, buy a bike!

He has unspoken story of struggle on how he sustained for two years with minimum support from people and his eyes speak the unquestioning love which he selflessly gives it to the children whom he has adopted on November 2013.

Thirteen children go to different schools and all are good at studies, they are well mannered and well nurtured where in the other hand, Kunal playing many  roles is evident in the children’s eyes.


the smallest kid, he is so adorable 🙂

Speaking to this author, the young Samaritan said that he sometimes have to think about the next morsel of food to feed the children. He added the conversation saying that he was brought up in poverty and he wore a thumb protruding shoe with torn socks when he was a school going kid.

The young father (of 13 children) who is now twenty something seems younger enough to believe that he has sacrificed his dream bike to get the roadside children home.

‘‘Now what? Shall I leave the children home, back to their condition? I always questioned myself but my conscience was against my thought, I somehow felt that I could uphold my decision of raising them” said the young man.
Sadly, people who watched him in regional channels couldn’t do much than showing sympathy.

Kunal in the other hand is working to register his ‘children home’ and is still having predicaments, financially.  But what are we waiting for? We just have an opportunity to grab, in-order to prove that humanity still exist, so let’s do it.

We can make the children’s future bright, we can sponsor them, we can buy bats and balls or some coloring books. We can donate them old clothes or even buy them new. 🙂

Today the children stepped their third year in Kunal’s home and they seem very happy but it’s only the father who knows the sacrifices behind the brood’s happiness.

So, good people, let’s work on making humanity a charitable practice rather than just leaving it as a useless word in a closed dictionary.



Let’s join hands and help them grow!
Author: Varinka Turquoise.