Life of a woman in a nutshell.

IMG_2889 (2)


Alarm 7:30 am.
Alarm 7:35 am.
Alarm 7:40 am.


Alarm 8:00 am.

Shit! She would utter and grab her brush, brew a cup of tea for her and prepares breakfast.

She takes a quick shower and gets ready to work.

She reaches office and starts working till she opens her Tiffin-box in her lunch break and enjoys her food which she cooked along with her breakfast.

She would work again till her evening tea arrives and leaves office after punching her last thumb impression.

She’d take a cab home, after reaching she’s get ready to attend a funeral of a neighborhood.

She’d come back home and start cleaning the rooms, cook, do the dishes, laundries, fix the gas, call the plumber, sweep the floor, mop, garden, painting and ultimately sleeping.

*She also has to keep that ‘Namastay-uncle’ relationship with all of her neighbors, socialize, attend weeding/funeral, birthdays and festivals every single time while you sit by the couch and play fifa.

The next day she would start snoozing her alarm and repeat the entire schedule every day.

Well that’s the power to be a woman.

Cheers to all the amazing powers
Happy Women’s day
Love- Varinka Turquoise.