Seven Indianisms ruining your life!

Nisha Varinka Chettri.

I finally made a point to blog after quite a while, i hope you find this post useful.

Like technology, language too has evolved to an extreme of translucent point giving emphasis on ‘Indianisms.’ Is it because of the most hazardously used ‘little knowledge?’ or is it because we are running short of words? I’m still looking forward to get enlightened about the history of Indianisms.

Who would be the founders? (I’m interested to research about it)

And I am also trying to understand the idiom ‘To err is human’ or should it be ‘being born as a human is to err?’

Indianisms has been in style and accepted when used verbally but honestly it does not sound cool and if you happen to be using it in your write-ups, you seriously need to change your trait.

Driven away with the local-lingo, one of the most widely heard or used indianism is ‘Your good name?’

‘Hi, what is your good name?’IMG_2955

(My parents were wise enough to decide a ‘good-name’ for me; else I would think twice before telling my name?)

As if anyone would answer, ‘My good name is Nancy and my bad name is Neelambari Niladhari Sharma!’

Few others below:

Only this very word has suddenly turned out to be popular like a potato. Yes, because you can add it in anything.
Aloo-Matar’ ‘Aloo-Gobi’ ‘Aloo-Paneer’ ‘garlic-bread with mashed potatoes.

‘I will leave once my friend calls; I’m waiting for that only.’
‘I like to sing, dance, play guitar and write poems, and you?
‘I like to read only.

Repeat again
‘don’t make me repeat again.’

Ironically, this sentence filled with redundancy is frequently used by the teachers, trust me.

Teacher: ‘If you talk after getting your question papers, I will
take away your answer sheet.’
Student: ‘Ravi, what is the answer for number 4?’ (In whispers)
Teacher: ‘don’t make me repeat again, I’m telling you, I will take away your answer sheet.’


I saw it with my own eyes‘Guys, Divya maam and Malika maam are fighting in the staffroom, I saw it with my own eyes.’

Oh! ‘I just saw it’ would be enough, wouldn’t it?

Simply! This is my favorite, ‘hey Raj, what are you doing?
I’m simply sitting.
‘Sorry, I was simply saying.’

Xerox copy (instead of photocopy)– Please understand the difference between a company/brand and your task, latter, which is to have a photocopy of your assignments.

‘I have to get a Xerox copy of my voters-ID’
It happens only in India?

Open your hair– as if my hair resembles to a door. Ask me to let my hair loose!

I hope you are aware of what inidanisms are and how hilarious it sounds when spoken; you probably may not want to use them now.  😉

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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