Love hurts!


Representative picture. 


It was a sultry Monday afternoon Varun had just parked his motorcycle besides Varinka’s two-wheeler. He always used to park his ride beside Varinka’s. As soon as he removed his helmet he saw a lady dressed in black saree coming towards him. It was Varinka. She was his best friend.  He liked her, but never expressed his feelings. She was looking prettier than pretty. She always looked great in saree. She looked stunningly beautiful that day. He gave her a faint smile, which she ignored and walked towards her ride, and left the parking lot in a jiffy. Varun winced, aghast at her actions.  His phone rang; it was his manager for he was late for a meeting.

After the meeting, Varun dialed Varinka’s number but her phone was switched off. So he left her a message on WhatApp. An hour later he received a message from Varinka, which read that she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to spend some time alone. Varinka could ignore the world, but she never ignored Varun. They had a fight last night, Varun out of anger asked Varinka to stay away from him. This hurt Varinka. She was the beat of his heart, the sunshine of his life. He tried his best to get her back.

He couldn’t sleep that night. The next morning he decided to wait for her at the parking area. As he was waiting for her, a sweet known voice called his name.. It was Anita.. Anita once ruled Varun’s heart. They both were seeing each other after 6 years.. His heart skipped a beat and before he could even utter a word she hugged him. He was in the arms of the girl he once loved.. Anita once dated Varun’s classmate and later went to becomes Varun’s heart, his everything.. She left for Bangalore for her graduation and got into a relationship with a guy she first met on Facebook…They weren’t in contact ever since..

Varinka arrived at the spot and parked her ride at a far distance..  Varun was kinda lost and he didn’t notice Varinka. Varinka once again vanished from the spot in no time.. Varinka now occupied Varun’s heart and mind.. He thought it was Varinka who had hugged him.. “Varinka i love you” he uttered.. “It’s me Anita” said amused Anita, it took few seconds for Varun to come back to reality, he pushed her away and asked her to leave. Anita had ignored him for the last 6 years

Anita had a breakup with her bf just few days back and she knew she possessed a special place in Varun’s heart. She now wanted to be with Varun. She didn’t know about Varinka. Varun hated Anita as much as he loved her. But Varinka had taken over Anita’s place in his heart. Varun took his cell phone out and called up Varinka. Varinka answered this time and told him to stop calling or texting her or else she would change her number. There were tears in Varun’s eyes. Anita wiped it off with her handkerchief. A heartbroken Varun asked Anita to leave.

Both Anita and Varun left the spot.

6 months later…

Diwali was around the corner. Varun got busy with work. Varinka on the other hand got a new job in Kathmandu and was supposed to join work after Diwali. Varun came to know about this from Varinka’s sister. There is nothing like the gut-wrenching pain of knowing that your best friend in the world has to leave the town and go away to another one. He was happy for her at the same time sad for himself. They weren’t in touch since the last six months. Varun had deactivated all his social networking profiles.

Varinka now had a new phone number. Anita on the other hand had opened a clinic in Kalimpong. She was now again in constant touch with Varun and knew everything about Varinka. Anita came to know about Varinka’s job and she promised Varun she would help him get back Varinka before Diwali. Anita loved Varun but she never expressed herself and chose to help Varun instead. The last six months had been really tough for Varun. He had lost interest in work. His health deteriorated. He’d forgotten to smile. Anita tried being his pillar of support and love but failed. Anita knew she’d lost her place in his heart and promised herself to help him get back Varinka.

It was St. Josephs Convent’s Alumni Day. As it was the school’s 100th year, a grand program was organized for the alumnus and both Anita and Varinka were invited. They both hailed from the same school but hardly knew each other. Both attended the program. It was here that Anita met Varinka and recognized her at the first glance. Varinka knew about Anita, Varun never hid anything from her. Anita greeted Varinka. Varinka too recognized Anita and gave her a faint smile. Without wasting a minute Anita initiated a conversation. Initially they talked about school and their jobs. The conversation became friendly. The waiter offered them a drink each. “Vari” said Anita. Only Varun used to call her by that name. Varinka knew what was coming ahead and acted as if she didn’t hear anything. She then made excuses of being late and tried to skip the topic. Anita a bit tipsy by then held Varinka’s hand and told her of what Varun had been going through for the past six months. She even showed her his picture. A guy with a great physique now looked frail; his ever glowing smile had faded away. He hardly shaved. Varinka cried deep inside. But she pretended as if she didn’t care. “Look Anita we have better things to talk about”, said Varinka. “But why are you doing this to him?” asked Anita. “He was the one who wanted me to stay away and now I’m moving to Kathmandu and most probably I’ll not be coming back again.” said Varinka now with tears in her eyes.

Varinka had been diagnosed with cancer. No one knew about it, not even her family members. This was the reason why she’d been ignoring Varun as she too had fallen for him. Waiter offered another drink. “He’s dying every day, Please don’t do this to him” pleaded Anita. “I just have six more months”, Varinka said in a sad low tone. “Six more months? for what?” “I have blood cancer and it’s in its third stage. I ain’t got a job. I’m going away from everybody, from Varun- my love.” Varinka started weeping. An astonished Anita could feel goose bumps on her arms. “What? Since when? How? Are you serious? Does Varun know about it?” “Nobody knows about it and promise me you aren’t going to tell about this to anyone…….


Note: My dearest friend tried scribbling a story of my most adored characters, Varun and Varinka. And majority of my other readers don’t want the two V’s to be estranged, I’ll either ask him to complete the story or anyone of you can give a conclusion. Thanks. 🙂


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