Bumping into music…


Holy Cows

The story of three band members and the author.

Wrestling in my mind what genre should I pick for blogging, I recently realized, MUSIC! That’s because ‘holy cow’ introduced me to a new genre of writing. This particular band-naturally formed in Bangalore has a lot of beautiful moments to share as being band members and as being best friends. Read more to get inspired musically.

The story starts all over my visit to Bangalore to look after my sister for she’d met with an accident. Had to resign from my reporting job and newspapers became just another thing for me. Hopped in here and there for jobs, found one, got introduced to copy-writing, then blogging became a huge part of my life, not for my survival but for my passion.

I happened to stay in this infamous building known as ‘One Republic’ that’s when I got introduced to a friend from Manipur, popularly known as Albert Keisham, a Law graduate. Then music, I was reconnected to music after knowing Keisham and his classmate who turned out to be one of his best buddies, Jardine- another Law graduate from Shillong. Then I bumped into with Bunao-drummer and designer from Manipur. Ever since we inhale music and exhale lyrics.


One of our jams together.

After becoming a frequent hang out friends for almost 7-8 months, the bond turned deeper with this author and them, so it was with music, deeper. Being friends to family- saw all under one roof.

Their first performance in Indigo live- which I unintentionally missed, was one gossip-topic that lingered for weeks and months. Slowly, their hard work and effort paid off, certainly, they’ve been getting calls from various pubs in and around Bangalore.

Know more about how this Independent band created their own music leaving Pearl Jam and Green Day aside. Stay tuned for the full story.

Punk Rock Ruling the city of Metal!

Rockin’ Bangalore.


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