Deal with your break-up!

Traveling from southern part of India to north-east, again to south and back home. Blogging in this rigorous schedule almost became a myth of my life. A promised musical-blog up to come but before that let’s have a bit of fun prior to valentines day. Let me remind you of those exes who promised to betroth you past many 14th February. To those souls who said, ‘I can’t live without you.’  Ask one question this time, ‘Are you dead yet?’

Okay, jokes apart let me get serious on this business.

After repetitive episodes of love and un-love, he came back to the peace of your life eh?



So what now? Keep him? Or overlook his existence and carry on with your life? Well, that would definitely be the most complicated task if you feel you still love him.


unknown (6).jpg


Okay, give him a chance and make sure he puts all of his effort to make things right. But if you feel he is wasting your time, un-love him and move on. Cheers*





But like my case, if you re-meet exes of an ex, i.e your ex before your recent ex, what would you do?
Give him a chance to emotionally crumble you down once again?
Okay ‘good-luck.’


unknown (2).jpg


You might have the tendency to look at the messages which he wrote to you when he was in love with you, why don’t you just format your phone? Remove the pictures you’ve taken together? And replace your folders with selfies with your best friends.



Best people!


Dogs? Women’s best friend, do you have one? Yes!
Why do you even worry about the lack of companionship? You have your dog with you, just know that your pets are better than your exes.




Shop for yourself, shoes? Yes, like your head might be fucked but your shoes should be admirable enough to carry on. Just get those damned shoes




And you might pause in a name while scrolling down your contacts in your phone. Delete the number without any hesitation.


unknown (1).png

Press that damned delete button! 

Happy living


unknown (3).jpg


Ta da! That’s it for now.
See you real soon.

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Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Deal with your break-up!

  1. Very well written Ms. Nisha Varnika… i really enjoyed every bit of it… thanx for bringing my lost smiles 😊 somehow dis write up gave me the courage to face the truth…

    Thanx for this wounderful blog… All the best… keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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