Midnight WhatsApp conversation.

Chapter 4: (Novel work re-starts yet again!)


The feature was sent, the headache for the night was lightened. Still, I had few pending research about Gurkhas and their participation in the freedom moment, which requires ample of concentration.

Beep* message from Varun Chettri.

Beep* message from Anil Daju

Beep* message from Varun Chettri.

Shut up and let me work, I said to my beeping phone.
I was working for a feature, why are the Gurkha freedom fighters not in the history textbooks today. The research, information, and retrospection were swiftly going on.

Beep* message from Varun Chettri

It read like…

Varun: Hey, miss arrogant, what are you up to?

Done with your supper?

Hey? Could I ask you something?

The last message made me catch my breath. What was he going to ask?
Boys of these days could possibly ask if I was dating someone. I just felt like overlooking the entire texts and replying the latter part but that’s too attention giving type so I replied to all the messages in an algorithm.

Varun: Well, um… do you have a boyfriend?

Why did he ask me that? Isn’t it hasty enough to have this conversation? I told myself.

Me: That’s out of your concern Varun, concentrate on your work. Journalists are a set of busy people who have less time for affairs. Goodnight


Varun: Hey? Wait!   

Varun: Yeah, I apologize but I just wanted to mention that you are beautiful. 

 Me: thanks.

I am very skilled in altering the flirty conversation to a decent conclusion, I was told by an acquaintance once.

Varun: so much of attitude, how do you manage to talk to people with this attitude Miss Journalist?

Me: Varun, do you think it’s essential to know all the pros and cons of Varinka?

Varun: since we are working together, Yes!

Me: whatever.

Varun: are you single?

Me: no I’m plural.

Varun: please be serious.

Me: I don’t have time for relationship. 

Varun: do you think I’m nagging you?

Me: I’m working on a very important topic Varun so stop acting silly. If you don’t have work please go to bed.

Varun: you sure?

Me: yes.

Suddenly the messages stopped beeping. I waited for another ten minutes before I wrote to him. I was worried.

Me: hey Varun, I guess you took the situation seriously, I’m sorry for being rude; I was pressurized with the deadline of my work, please understand. Goodnight!

I rehearsed with my phone for some couple of minutes and sent the message after restraining for few moments. He still didn’t seem to check the notification, then I sent another message.

Me: please don’t be upset Varun; see you tomorrow.

(Stay tuned for other chapters) 🙂