Indigenous musicians of North East India, formed in Bangalore



Holy-Cow in Celestial. 


Holy Cow! You guys have a band of your own? Was my first reaction when I heard about them which coincidently had a lot to do with my expression-Holy Cow! Yes, that’s the name of the band.

Meet Jardine Marbaniang-the front man of Holy-Cow, Bunao D.D-the badass drummer, and Albert Keisham-the fanatic bassist, this makes a band of a trio.

Little did they know that they would form a band besides pursuing their respected course here in Bangalore, they believe that the band formed so naturally and subtly that they never actually worked on it. It just happened.

Jardine and Albert started hanging out as classmates; they started playing guitar while they got intoxicated in lagers, slowly their hangouts altered to home jams, still with alcohol. That’s how Bunao comes to the scene.

Bunao and Albert are from Manipur, they have been friends for quite some time now. In one similar home-jamming night Bunao happened to be at Albert’s place. Talking about music, they discovered that they have similar taste and found Bunao’s obsession in drumming- so they started jamming more often.

Here, Jardine, who hails from Shillong had (still has tho!) his deep emotion with Kimberly- that’s his love, his guitar (yes, he actually names his instruments, he has a harmonica whose name is Shilpa, just kidding.. but Kimberly is for real) He started playing guitar when was in school and wrote lyrics since then.

Once they realized their chemistry in music, they started getting more serious, musically.

More jams meant investing more money. Moreover, they were students who were managing time and resources. Buying new guitar-accessories were out of question.

Although they had their own guitars for practices, they needed drums to synchronize the entire melody and drums were available only in the jam room.

Talking to this blogger Jardine expresses in retrospection that even during their insolvencies they would force one-another to contribute ‘100 rupees each’ to book a jam room in celestial.

I have been with them in many of their jams. Bunao used to start rolling his drums-Albert and Jardine immediately used to rock their guitars and I would be there sitting, tapping my feet, slightly head-banging. Till then I would get a thought of ‘grabbing an extra guitar’ and start playing along with them.

Each drinking nights had become a reason to talk about music or vice versa. Rather every jam was followed by cases of RUM.

Jardine, with time, taught them songs which he composed in the past. Meanwhile, celestial-the music instrument shop which also has a jam room became their hangout spot where people could trace them most of the evenings. (Jam room, Celestial Music Store, Kammanhalli: 300/hour, they have every possible instrument, try there.)

Apart from offering their time selflessly in music, there were moments when they had to sit and study entire nights for their exam. Bunao would be working somewhere else- designing graphics? and they would meet every weekend, play Greenday and pearl jam, improving to talking heads-psycho killer (they play psycho killer till today.)

In one of the similar sessions, they told me a strange thing about Albert; that he started playing guitar only after joining college. I reconfirmed. Yes, he now is an amazing bassist. Believe it or not, he was a tabla player and a hip-hop dancer before. Till today Albert says that he never had a dream of being a bassist or a guitarist, he had no intention, it just happened!

Gradually, after home jams they played in college for some functions and then started playing in other colleges, slowly entering pubs.

Indigo-Live, Le Rock, and Take5 have been their best shots in performance.

A few months ago the trio performed in ‘Pedal Attack’ and ‘Yaol Fest’ in Manipur where Jardine became a meme in facebook after breaking his guitar string. This band always has many interesting stories to share. Each gig=two new badass stories. No, don’t take it to your level of thinking, they are not those rock n roll, drugs, and sex type of musicians or I still don’t know the reason why didn’t they reveal those-TWO incidents. 😀

Often times I’d seen Albert-too drunk to play! Jardine, too furious looking at Albert not being able to play, those times Bunao would smile, clattering his drums softly.

It was always interesting for me to know and understand Holy-Cow. Somehow or the other, this very band has been able to encourage me to do better in music and in life.

So, let me draw the line here, Holy-Cow with a Punk-Rock genre rocked the city of metals for years, now they are rocking North East India! Follow them, watch them, and listen to them. Support such talents.

That’s it for now.
Thanks for reading. 🙂