Leading women with khukuris, with a camera-a ball pen-and a notepad! 


People marching for Gorkhaland!


Fighting for the constitutional demand and shouting slogans like Jai-Gorkha, Jai-Gorkhaland, I have uncapped my pen and flipped the pages of my tiny spiral pad for the first time to report my concerned newspaper about the ground reality of the present gorkhaland agitation.

This is the last fight, they say. But I wonder, rather question you guys, is this really a last fight?

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26th June 2017:  

I grew up hearing stories of 1986’s agitation. I was born few years later. Most of the time people shared the beheading event that was found hung in Dambar Chowk during mornings back in the 86. Today too, in the closed door of a popular cafe in the heart of the town, the seniors talked and I listened, my eyebrows raised, and sipping my hidden emotions with the steaming cup of super-hot coffee he repeated the same story of reducing 6 inches of a man, chopping off the fingers and tormenting people to death, till the undemocratic movement of chiyasi (86) that happened during the reign of the totalitarian-Subash Ghishingh. The story was iterated for the 6th time by different groups of people today.

Stay alert! Everyone said.

Night: 9:00 pm. 

Okay, I should write an article about this.

Then I started writing the first paragraph of this copy. I heard the bell ringing rapidly; I identified the brigade bell. Sensed, someone’s house must be torched again! True. It was khas-development board’s chairman’s house.

Now the pack of dogs bark and it shakes me up, alert. Yet, I think, ‘it’s 11:30 pm, I have to get up early tomorrow and go.’

The Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha leaders and supporters will be burning the GTA accord tomorrow, perhaps, admits tight security.

Interestingly, it was not only me but most of the people compared the date ’27th’ to the brutal incident which was witnessed in 27th July 1986, as the incident was similar on both of the dates with a month’s difference. In 86, it was burning of Indo-Nepal treaty, and this time, it was inflaming the GTA accord which was signed in 2011 by Roshan Giri which people considered as an interim settlement that would result in the dismissal of the subject Gorkhaland; where in the other hand, other half of the population assumed GTA to be the gateway towards Gorkhaland.

Yet, nobody wanted the history to repeat and prayed for a peaceful 27th.


27th June:

Inaudible ringtone missed many calls already! It 6:30 am, my vision blurred and I passed out snoozing alarms.

It was 8 am when I opened my eyes next!

 Town scene~

10:00 am

The town seemed as usual, law enforcers were doing their work at their office and the protesters were already at the streets-All enthusiastic to burn the GTA accord.

The procession started from Dambar Chowk and headed towards mela-ground.

The mixture of National and GJM flags made the town look colourful like the Independence Day. (Oh! CPRM and GNLF too carried their flags.) Only to darken the clouds with black smokes emitting from the flames of the burning effigy of the chief minister Mamta Banerjee along with the accord.

The crowd then started sloganeering ‘Hail Gorkhas!’ ‘Mamta Banerjee hai hai-GTA bye-bye’

Surprisingly, the agreement was burnt with no security, I saw no law enforcers around, the untold fear of people regarding the date 27th frizzled in the footsteps and they walked back home.

The inferno and the rage, the voices of the Gorkha’s and the dreams of the constitutional right were not limited by the Internet ban, well, nothing is stopping the agitation. Barring internet is in fact bringing more people in the streets every day.

The nari morchas, in the other hand-leading the agitation, are also blanketing the wrath of the men who are in the procession shouting Anti-Bengal slogans, ready to torch or pelt stones at somebody’s house.

All political parties have come together now. The agitation that started with the revolt of language has now taken its leap for the fight of a separate state. The students, young, and old participate in the procession everyday carrying interesting placards-written those inaudible sounds from the depth of their suppressed voices- ‘We want Gorkhaland’ ‘We want Justice’ ‘We want to be separated from Bengal.’

Removing the lens cap to capture the historic episode of today, I wonder ‘if’ this aspiration goes in vain, will people forgive the leaders? What is happening with the discussion of collective leadership? People have been united, perhaps, for the final time. So, let this be the last fight!

So, thousands of people came and participated in the procession. Burnt the accord and the effigy and went home just to repeat their regular schedule the next day.


28th June 2017:

Now the scene in Dambar Chowk has been prominent. People start assembling here, wait for more people to lump together and start their procession around 11:15-11:30 am.Encircle the town via 10th mile, assemble in Dambar Chowk once again, listen/give some speeches of the same context and disperse eventually by 2 pm.

Till then the children who have been taking advantage of their prolonged vacation gather in main-road and team up to play cricket and football.

The elders are eager to know the result of tomorrow’s All Party Meeting.

(29th June becomes a big day for the reporters.)

Excited for tomorrow’s reporting.


29th June 2017:

The exhilaration was faded once the day started, though the town prepared for the all party meeting with a great zeal, the duration of the A.P convention surprised everybody, it took 5 and a half hours approximately.

The outcome of the all party meeting was-THE STRIKE WILL CONTINUE FOR INDEFINITE PERIOD.


That’s it for now,
I was not able to post for quite sometime for the government has barred the internet in the hills. I’d written this post long time back, was waiting for an opportunity to upload this.

Stay tuned for further updates.




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