The resolutions of GMCC meeting

unnamed (1)

Binay Tamang briefing the media after the GMCC meeting in Pedong. 

The fourth All Party Meeting. No, it’s not AP anymore; it’s the GMCC- Gorkhaland Movement Coordination Committee. So technically, for GMCC it was their first meeting. Perhaps, they were meeting for the first time as GMCC… after it was formed in the last all party meeting held on 29th June 2017.

Today the GMCC decided that the strike would continue for indefinite period-NO RELAXATION, NOT EVEN FOR SCHOOLS.

Then, they condemned on the police firings, the atrocity of the West Bengal government and the lathicharge of police to the innocent driver. Also, to the police and SDO of Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Othlabari, and Malbzar for harassing the drivers of vehicles bearing SK number. They transport essential commodities like groceries from there.

The also appealed and requested the development boards’ of Tarai-Doars-Nepali-Development Chairman, Vice Chairman and other executive members to resign from their posts and come back home as soon as possible.

Another GMCC meeting is decided to be held on 18th July- venue not decided.

Yes, they took 5 long hours to decide the resolutions.


People who were waiting for the result of the meeting-capturing the briefing in their phone. 



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