Humanity to tackle food crisis!


People consuming food provided by the UFCSG in Motor Stand. 

The unrest in the hills has been going without thawing, today marks the 27th day of the indefinite strike. In the prolonged days of the ongoing strife, the rations have somehow reached to a point of exhaustion. The groceries are limited and most of the food items are in a verge of scarcity. And in the midst of everything, the ‘United forum for the civil society of Gorkhaland’ has been distributing food to the people in Motor Stand.

The revived stir has definitely hit hard on the normalcy of the hills as the business, education and tourism has been shut for almost a month now. The shopkeepers have been denying to selling the remaining stocks of sugar, and flour here.

Although, there are less ways of purchasing good, another problem stands as a challenge to the civilians-the monetary crisis!

When the strike was called, people were unprepared, they failed to withdraw cash on time leaving them with no option than go cashless!

But in the other hand, the government has been making policies to appease the agitation by restricting the transportation of goods in the hills. ‘This is their trick to stop the agitation in Darjeeling hills’ believes the members of UFCSG

However, the United Forum for Civil Society of Gorkhaland, understanding all the problems of people has come to the street and they cook food in large quantity to distribute it to the people who come for the procession.

‘A set of people are quite vulnerable, the labourers specially! They are in huge shortage of food and water. Providing them one-time-food will ease away their one-time-worry, believes Bishnu Chettri-the convenor of the forum.

The fund of 1 lakh rupees for the food was contributed by the farmers of Krishak Kalyan Sangathan and more than 500 people were able to fill their stomach today with the help of food cooked at the community kitchen which they have named as ‘Gorkhaland Kitchen’

‘This kitchen is an answer to the government who has been restricting groceries to transport to the hills, our effort will also keep the momentum intact’ said Chettri adding that the kitchen will continue till the food crisis will go on.

Meanwhile, Who-Cares, an NGO working for the street beggars have decided to contribute its support in the kitchen work. The team have assumed that there will be more people to consume food from the Gorkhaland Kitchen from tomorrow as they have found through survey that more than 500 families are working as a daily wage labours and it is more important to feed them at this point of time.


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