Driver’s sacrificing their daily income to support Gorkhaland movement. 

Drivers leading the procession!

The driver union of Kalimpong led the mass procession today with paints like ‘We Want Gorkhaland’ painted on their chest. The procession started around 11:15 am from Motor stand and encircled the town.  
The indefinite strike reaches its 28th day in the hills.

Definitely, the economy of the hills has decreased drastically as vocation like driving is all about earning in a regular basis. 

Moreover, ever since the strike was called, the drivers have parked their cars at their house forgetting about their income only to support for the cause of Gorkhaland.

The drivers even from the outskirt of kalimpong had turned up today, thousands of approximate drivers have asserted to support and accelerate the movement of Gorkhaland. They believe, if young drivers have the strength to carry and change tires, the older ones have more strength comparatively.

‘This agitation wont calm down and we drivers have never steeped back and we are not even going to step back, any situation may occur at day or night, if we are called for a gherau at any place, we should move ahead and participate in such events till the people from where we are protesting comes out and listen to us’ said Wangyel Bhutia, a driver from Driver Union.

He went on criticising the Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee for not having a calibre strong enough to take proper care of Bengal. ‘Look at 24 Parganas, she has successfully divided two clans there’ said Bhutia who has his angst with the policy of West Bengal Government and he further tells ‘I am not in politics but I am ready to do anything for my birth-right, Gorkhaland.’

Bhutia told that he has been seeing the Gorkhaland agitation since 1986 who, then was a kid, today he wonders what is taking the government this long to provide justice to the Gorkhas who has been doing so much for the country.

Bhutia had been in the Indian Army for half of his youthfulness, he has been driving after retiring voluntary from his service. He served the nation for 28 years and he remorsefully tells that this place is still not provided with justice-that is nothing less than a state of Gorkhaland.

Wangyel Bhutia and other drivers feel that they have been earnestly pleading for the constitutional demand by raising the National flag of India, they further clarified that they are not terrorists and they don’t even have foreign links to take the agitation forward.

In the other hand, after giving ultimatums to the chairmen and vice chairmen of development boards to resign by 14th July-6pm by the GMCC yesterday, some miscreants were impatient enough not to wait for it, the Limboo development board’s office which is located in Dambar Chowk was ransacked today morning damaging the computers and other things used for official purposes.

However, Meghraj Rai, the executive member of West Bengal Rai development board resigned from his post from his board in order to support ‘people’s movement’ by keeping a constitutional faith in the demand of Gorkhaland.

Meanwhile, the local leaders have appealed the public to come for the procession in the traditional attire tomorrow as tomorrow is Bhanu Jayanti- birthday of a famous Nepali poet.  

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