Driver’s sacrificing their daily income to support Gorkhaland movement. 

Drivers leading the procession!

The driver union of Kalimpong led the mass procession today with paints like ‘We Want Gorkhaland’ painted on their chest. The procession started around 11:15 am from Motor stand and encircled the town.  
The indefinite strike reaches its 28th day in the hills.

Definitely, the economy of the hills has decreased drastically as vocation like driving is all about earning in a regular basis. 

Moreover, ever since the strike was called, the drivers have parked their cars at their house forgetting about their income only to support for the cause of Gorkhaland.

The drivers even from the outskirt of kalimpong had turned up today, thousands of approximate drivers have asserted to support and accelerate the movement of Gorkhaland. They believe, if young drivers have the strength to carry and change tires, the older ones have more strength comparatively.

‘This agitation wont calm down and we drivers have never steeped back and we are not even going to step back, any situation may occur at day or night, if we are called for a gherau at any place, we should move ahead and participate in such events till the people from where we are protesting comes out and listen to us’ said Wangyel Bhutia, a driver from Driver Union.

He went on criticising the Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee for not having a calibre strong enough to take proper care of Bengal. ‘Look at 24 Parganas, she has successfully divided two clans there’ said Bhutia who has his angst with the policy of West Bengal Government and he further tells ‘I am not in politics but I am ready to do anything for my birth-right, Gorkhaland.’

Bhutia told that he has been seeing the Gorkhaland agitation since 1986 who, then was a kid, today he wonders what is taking the government this long to provide justice to the Gorkhas who has been doing so much for the country.

Bhutia had been in the Indian Army for half of his youthfulness, he has been driving after retiring voluntary from his service. He served the nation for 28 years and he remorsefully tells that this place is still not provided with justice-that is nothing less than a state of Gorkhaland.

Wangyel Bhutia and other drivers feel that they have been earnestly pleading for the constitutional demand by raising the National flag of India, they further clarified that they are not terrorists and they don’t even have foreign links to take the agitation forward.

In the other hand, after giving ultimatums to the chairmen and vice chairmen of development boards to resign by 14th July-6pm by the GMCC yesterday, some miscreants were impatient enough not to wait for it, the Limboo development board’s office which is located in Dambar Chowk was ransacked today morning damaging the computers and other things used for official purposes.

However, Meghraj Rai, the executive member of West Bengal Rai development board resigned from his post from his board in order to support ‘people’s movement’ by keeping a constitutional faith in the demand of Gorkhaland.

Meanwhile, the local leaders have appealed the public to come for the procession in the traditional attire tomorrow as tomorrow is Bhanu Jayanti- birthday of a famous Nepali poet.  

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Today, the emergency GMCC meet at Mirik decided that…

1. Strike to Continue.

2. Leadership from all political parties to sit for fast-onto-death at Chowrasta, Darjeeling from 15th of July. 

3. On 13th July, which coincidently falls Bhanu Jayanti, Bhanu puraskar along with other awards received from West Bengal Government will be returned.

4. The chairman and vice chairman of all the Development Boards have been given an ultimatum till 14th of July-6 pm to resign from their respected positions in the boards. 

5. The GMCC has also demanded a strict CBI enquiry for all the violence that had been going on in the hills. 

6. Gherao at DM and SDO office against blockade of essential goods from 14th July 2017. 

Lastly, they have also decided that People will march down to siliguri with an empty bag in a form of protest if people from siliguri continue with the blocking and vandalizing of food vehicles that plies to the hills.

Humanity to tackle food crisis!


People consuming food provided by the UFCSG in Motor Stand. 

The unrest in the hills has been going without thawing, today marks the 27th day of the indefinite strike. In the prolonged days of the ongoing strife, the rations have somehow reached to a point of exhaustion. The groceries are limited and most of the food items are in a verge of scarcity. And in the midst of everything, the ‘United forum for the civil society of Gorkhaland’ has been distributing food to the people in Motor Stand.

The revived stir has definitely hit hard on the normalcy of the hills as the business, education and tourism has been shut for almost a month now. The shopkeepers have been denying to selling the remaining stocks of sugar, and flour here.

Although, there are less ways of purchasing good, another problem stands as a challenge to the civilians-the monetary crisis!

When the strike was called, people were unprepared, they failed to withdraw cash on time leaving them with no option than go cashless!

But in the other hand, the government has been making policies to appease the agitation by restricting the transportation of goods in the hills. ‘This is their trick to stop the agitation in Darjeeling hills’ believes the members of UFCSG

However, the United Forum for Civil Society of Gorkhaland, understanding all the problems of people has come to the street and they cook food in large quantity to distribute it to the people who come for the procession.

‘A set of people are quite vulnerable, the labourers specially! They are in huge shortage of food and water. Providing them one-time-food will ease away their one-time-worry, believes Bishnu Chettri-the convenor of the forum.

The fund of 1 lakh rupees for the food was contributed by the farmers of Krishak Kalyan Sangathan and more than 500 people were able to fill their stomach today with the help of food cooked at the community kitchen which they have named as ‘Gorkhaland Kitchen’

‘This kitchen is an answer to the government who has been restricting groceries to transport to the hills, our effort will also keep the momentum intact’ said Chettri adding that the kitchen will continue till the food crisis will go on.

Meanwhile, Who-Cares, an NGO working for the street beggars have decided to contribute its support in the kitchen work. The team have assumed that there will be more people to consume food from the Gorkhaland Kitchen from tomorrow as they have found through survey that more than 500 families are working as a daily wage labours and it is more important to feed them at this point of time.


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The resolutions of GMCC meeting

unnamed (1)

Binay Tamang briefing the media after the GMCC meeting in Pedong. 

The fourth All Party Meeting. No, it’s not AP anymore; it’s the GMCC- Gorkhaland Movement Coordination Committee. So technically, for GMCC it was their first meeting. Perhaps, they were meeting for the first time as GMCC… after it was formed in the last all party meeting held on 29th June 2017.

Today the GMCC decided that the strike would continue for indefinite period-NO RELAXATION, NOT EVEN FOR SCHOOLS.

Then, they condemned on the police firings, the atrocity of the West Bengal government and the lathicharge of police to the innocent driver. Also, to the police and SDO of Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Othlabari, and Malbzar for harassing the drivers of vehicles bearing SK number. They transport essential commodities like groceries from there.

The also appealed and requested the development boards’ of Tarai-Doars-Nepali-Development Chairman, Vice Chairman and other executive members to resign from their posts and come back home as soon as possible.

Another GMCC meeting is decided to be held on 18th July- venue not decided.

Yes, they took 5 long hours to decide the resolutions.


People who were waiting for the result of the meeting-capturing the briefing in their phone. 


When Kalimpong suddenly turned into a war-zone!


The poster-pasted on a wall of Dambar Chowk!


5th July 2017:

I was caught amidst the mobs and police, I saw, the police were on the spot to maintain law and order. But somebody pelted stones at the police, they fled from the spot, the mobs torched the wine shop, some more police reached after they got updated with the news of arson.


Police with the help of locals, trying to put off fire! 

Later, a pick-up-van drove towards TMC office building and the police lathicharged him and removed the flag. Everybody got informed about the ‘innocent driver’ in no time. Then, an outraged mob…started collecting stones to pelt at the police that were below them. The mobs had a vantage point for they were in the elevated part of 10th mile’s road and the police were below-in lower 10th mile (road.) Both roads meet at 10 mile fatak and Dambar Chowk.

Nisha Photo

Police lathicharging the driver.

The mobs started pelting stones on the law enforcers from the spaces of the building which has steep staircase, a short connection for two roads. There are many such gaps acting as shortcuts for the walkers.


The size was not funny, okay? Six polices were injured with it.

The police force along with the S. P were in 10th mile, trying to put off the fire at wine shop. The packet-food store room next to it was also severely damaged. The smokes were emitting out from the broken glasses of the window.

Four of us were the first to reach the spot after police. Journalism is getting really interesting in the hills lately. Few people I know often tell me that reporting has lots of risks and threats involved-just get another job!

Find another job? This is my passion and profession.

Today I understood what they were trying to tell me. Never been in a circumstance so hostile in my life!

Anyway, the situation suddenly got tense. The police were already provoked. The mobs were already agitated-filled with rage.

They started throwing abuses after abuses- to each other.

Then at one point of time, the police drove us away from the spot, two of my companions were manhandled-they later apologized saying they were under pressure.

However, we landed in upper 10th mile, few meters away from the fatak. Then we saw some boys running, they had stones in their hands. Seeing that, we chased the children, young and old home quickly. I wore my helmet and fastened it in my chin. They started pelting stone to the police hastily. One police was already injured, got hit by a stone in his shoulder.

NIsha 4

The angry mob!

Then few more got injured, the fire brigade too couldn’t reach the spot as the procession that had passed by 10th mile minutes ago had blocked the way-not letting the vehicle move.

The police and the locals came with buckets of water and set off the fire partially. The outraged crowd got multiplied in no time and stones were flying frequently towards the police. They in fact outnumbered the police.

Then they started rounds of open non lethal firings-obviously with rubber bullets.

Firing? I had never witnessed firing like that. They say, three Morcha supporters were injured and they have been referred to some other hospital somewhere down in siliguri or Sikkim.

North Bengal State Transport Corporation office was also torched around 2 pm. And some fresh sound of open firing was also heard in the Main Road. Six approximate rounds of firing were made today.

Meanwhile, the owner of the wine shop started weeping. They were shaken up, their business, their effort, the hard work and wine- all got inflamed-emitting black smokes swirling up towards the sky.

Nisha 5

Owner of the wine shop weeping!

Got about 27 calls in a row.

People were worried, families kept calling, ‘Don’t go in the front’ they kept saying. But the better photograph I take, it’s better for me-jobs like that! 

The fight went for quite some time, still witnessing everything in front of me-my camera still hung around my neck!

The mob-some eyes were familiar, they had covered half of their face with a scarf.

Some were bold enough not to veil their face. Then, a senior reporter of The Telegraph and I stepped few yards backward.

This becomes the most interesting chapter of my life.

The mob walked towards me as they saw the camera-lens uncovered with a cap!

‘Why were you taking our pictures?’ Said of them. The voice was filled with rage. Suddenly 7-8 boys surrounded me, asking me to delete the pictures. I somehow convinced them that I was not taking their pictures but I was capturing the Polices’ activities.

One among the mobs was not convinced.

He suddenly said, ‘What do you think of yourself? So much are happening and you are still taking sides of those polices? Those Bengalis?? You should rather be supporting us!’

I was like what? Wait? What did you say? Taking whose side? (In my mind, Dude this is my profession, my job, let me just do it, I won’t expose your faces.)

‘Camera deu, Camera deu’ (Give is your camera)

I tricked them showing old picture, ‘See these the most recent pictures I had taken’ –

‘Okay then, if you were not taking pictures of these scenes then keep your camera in your bag’ shouted somebody angrily.

I rolled my eyes and kept my camera in my bag. Then they slowly left only when CRPF’s approached from fatak.

An officer called and asked me what happened.

My respond was ‘how did you get the information so fast, it occurred just a minute ago?’

Such a nice gesture to ask if they can do something for me at that moment.

All I could do was appreciate it, on call.

Then a blasting of tear gas was heard.

The sounds were scary, thanks to my right ear that got blocked since the time I got up!

Heaven finally opened up!

It slowly started raining harder only to thaw the ongoing violence.

We escaped the spot via CST school.

By the time we reached SUMI, sounds of another round of firing were heard, main road-we guessed.

We rode till Girl’s high school, parked our scooters and walked towards Dambar Chowk.

DC was surrounded with dark smoke- with fires ignited at three different places.

We tried calling other reporters. They were scattered, somewhere, trying to be safe. We walked towards main road, it was still dark. Rain had just subsided.

Only khakis and camouflages were seen as we approached Thana Dara. Then a reporter waived at us, he was behind rows of polices. We met saying ‘it was scary!’

Guys wanted to smoke and I wanted to drink tea.

Situation improved a bit by evening.



We waited for the S.P at the police station for an official statement is always very important in reporting.

Got back to newsroom around 7pm and wrote a story in 56 minutes and filed to our respected newspapers.

Rode back home the-same-afternoon’s-war-zone around 8:30 pm.


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Leading women with khukuris, with a camera-a ball pen-and a notepad! 


People marching for Gorkhaland!


Fighting for the constitutional demand and shouting slogans like Jai-Gorkha, Jai-Gorkhaland, I have uncapped my pen and flipped the pages of my tiny spiral pad for the first time to report my concerned newspaper about the ground reality of the present gorkhaland agitation.

This is the last fight, they say. But I wonder, rather question you guys, is this really a last fight?

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26th June 2017:  

I grew up hearing stories of 1986’s agitation. I was born few years later. Most of the time people shared the beheading event that was found hung in Dambar Chowk during mornings back in the 86. Today too, in the closed door of a popular cafe in the heart of the town, the seniors talked and I listened, my eyebrows raised, and sipping my hidden emotions with the steaming cup of super-hot coffee he repeated the same story of reducing 6 inches of a man, chopping off the fingers and tormenting people to death, till the undemocratic movement of chiyasi (86) that happened during the reign of the totalitarian-Subash Ghishingh. The story was iterated for the 6th time by different groups of people today.

Stay alert! Everyone said.

Night: 9:00 pm. 

Okay, I should write an article about this.

Then I started writing the first paragraph of this copy. I heard the bell ringing rapidly; I identified the brigade bell. Sensed, someone’s house must be torched again! True. It was khas-development board’s chairman’s house.

Now the pack of dogs bark and it shakes me up, alert. Yet, I think, ‘it’s 11:30 pm, I have to get up early tomorrow and go.’

The Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha leaders and supporters will be burning the GTA accord tomorrow, perhaps, admits tight security.

Interestingly, it was not only me but most of the people compared the date ’27th’ to the brutal incident which was witnessed in 27th July 1986, as the incident was similar on both of the dates with a month’s difference. In 86, it was burning of Indo-Nepal treaty, and this time, it was inflaming the GTA accord which was signed in 2011 by Roshan Giri which people considered as an interim settlement that would result in the dismissal of the subject Gorkhaland; where in the other hand, other half of the population assumed GTA to be the gateway towards Gorkhaland.

Yet, nobody wanted the history to repeat and prayed for a peaceful 27th.


27th June:

Inaudible ringtone missed many calls already! It 6:30 am, my vision blurred and I passed out snoozing alarms.

It was 8 am when I opened my eyes next!

 Town scene~

10:00 am

The town seemed as usual, law enforcers were doing their work at their office and the protesters were already at the streets-All enthusiastic to burn the GTA accord.

The procession started from Dambar Chowk and headed towards mela-ground.

The mixture of National and GJM flags made the town look colourful like the Independence Day. (Oh! CPRM and GNLF too carried their flags.) Only to darken the clouds with black smokes emitting from the flames of the burning effigy of the chief minister Mamta Banerjee along with the accord.

The crowd then started sloganeering ‘Hail Gorkhas!’ ‘Mamta Banerjee hai hai-GTA bye-bye’

Surprisingly, the agreement was burnt with no security, I saw no law enforcers around, the untold fear of people regarding the date 27th frizzled in the footsteps and they walked back home.

The inferno and the rage, the voices of the Gorkha’s and the dreams of the constitutional right were not limited by the Internet ban, well, nothing is stopping the agitation. Barring internet is in fact bringing more people in the streets every day.

The nari morchas, in the other hand-leading the agitation, are also blanketing the wrath of the men who are in the procession shouting Anti-Bengal slogans, ready to torch or pelt stones at somebody’s house.

All political parties have come together now. The agitation that started with the revolt of language has now taken its leap for the fight of a separate state. The students, young, and old participate in the procession everyday carrying interesting placards-written those inaudible sounds from the depth of their suppressed voices- ‘We want Gorkhaland’ ‘We want Justice’ ‘We want to be separated from Bengal.’

Removing the lens cap to capture the historic episode of today, I wonder ‘if’ this aspiration goes in vain, will people forgive the leaders? What is happening with the discussion of collective leadership? People have been united, perhaps, for the final time. So, let this be the last fight!

So, thousands of people came and participated in the procession. Burnt the accord and the effigy and went home just to repeat their regular schedule the next day.


28th June 2017:

Now the scene in Dambar Chowk has been prominent. People start assembling here, wait for more people to lump together and start their procession around 11:15-11:30 am.Encircle the town via 10th mile, assemble in Dambar Chowk once again, listen/give some speeches of the same context and disperse eventually by 2 pm.

Till then the children who have been taking advantage of their prolonged vacation gather in main-road and team up to play cricket and football.

The elders are eager to know the result of tomorrow’s All Party Meeting.

(29th June becomes a big day for the reporters.)

Excited for tomorrow’s reporting.


29th June 2017:

The exhilaration was faded once the day started, though the town prepared for the all party meeting with a great zeal, the duration of the A.P convention surprised everybody, it took 5 and a half hours approximately.

The outcome of the all party meeting was-THE STRIKE WILL CONTINUE FOR INDEFINITE PERIOD.


That’s it for now,
I was not able to post for quite sometime for the government has barred the internet in the hills. I’d written this post long time back, was waiting for an opportunity to upload this.

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Indigenous musicians of North East India, formed in Bangalore



Holy-Cow in Celestial. 


Holy Cow! You guys have a band of your own? Was my first reaction when I heard about them which coincidently had a lot to do with my expression-Holy Cow! Yes, that’s the name of the band.

Meet Jardine Marbaniang-the front man of Holy-Cow, Bunao D.D-the badass drummer, and Albert Keisham-the fanatic bassist, this makes a band of a trio.

Little did they know that they would form a band besides pursuing their respected course here in Bangalore, they believe that the band formed so naturally and subtly that they never actually worked on it. It just happened.

Jardine and Albert started hanging out as classmates; they started playing guitar while they got intoxicated in lagers, slowly their hangouts altered to home jams, still with alcohol. That’s how Bunao comes to the scene.

Bunao and Albert are from Manipur, they have been friends for quite some time now. In one similar home-jamming night Bunao happened to be at Albert’s place. Talking about music, they discovered that they have similar taste and found Bunao’s obsession in drumming- so they started jamming more often.

Here, Jardine, who hails from Shillong had (still has tho!) his deep emotion with Kimberly- that’s his love, his guitar (yes, he actually names his instruments, he has a harmonica whose name is Shilpa, just kidding.. but Kimberly is for real) He started playing guitar when was in school and wrote lyrics since then.

Once they realized their chemistry in music, they started getting more serious, musically.

More jams meant investing more money. Moreover, they were students who were managing time and resources. Buying new guitar-accessories were out of question.

Although they had their own guitars for practices, they needed drums to synchronize the entire melody and drums were available only in the jam room.

Talking to this blogger Jardine expresses in retrospection that even during their insolvencies they would force one-another to contribute ‘100 rupees each’ to book a jam room in celestial.

I have been with them in many of their jams. Bunao used to start rolling his drums-Albert and Jardine immediately used to rock their guitars and I would be there sitting, tapping my feet, slightly head-banging. Till then I would get a thought of ‘grabbing an extra guitar’ and start playing along with them.

Each drinking nights had become a reason to talk about music or vice versa. Rather every jam was followed by cases of RUM.

Jardine, with time, taught them songs which he composed in the past. Meanwhile, celestial-the music instrument shop which also has a jam room became their hangout spot where people could trace them most of the evenings. (Jam room, Celestial Music Store, Kammanhalli: 300/hour, they have every possible instrument, try there.)

Apart from offering their time selflessly in music, there were moments when they had to sit and study entire nights for their exam. Bunao would be working somewhere else- designing graphics? and they would meet every weekend, play Greenday and pearl jam, improving to talking heads-psycho killer (they play psycho killer till today.)

In one of the similar sessions, they told me a strange thing about Albert; that he started playing guitar only after joining college. I reconfirmed. Yes, he now is an amazing bassist. Believe it or not, he was a tabla player and a hip-hop dancer before. Till today Albert says that he never had a dream of being a bassist or a guitarist, he had no intention, it just happened!

Gradually, after home jams they played in college for some functions and then started playing in other colleges, slowly entering pubs.

Indigo-Live, Le Rock, and Take5 have been their best shots in performance.

A few months ago the trio performed in ‘Pedal Attack’ and ‘Yaol Fest’ in Manipur where Jardine became a meme in facebook after breaking his guitar string. This band always has many interesting stories to share. Each gig=two new badass stories. No, don’t take it to your level of thinking, they are not those rock n roll, drugs, and sex type of musicians or I still don’t know the reason why didn’t they reveal those-TWO incidents. 😀

Often times I’d seen Albert-too drunk to play! Jardine, too furious looking at Albert not being able to play, those times Bunao would smile, clattering his drums softly.

It was always interesting for me to know and understand Holy-Cow. Somehow or the other, this very band has been able to encourage me to do better in music and in life.

So, let me draw the line here, Holy-Cow with a Punk-Rock genre rocked the city of metals for years, now they are rocking North East India! Follow them, watch them, and listen to them. Support such talents.

That’s it for now.
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Midnight WhatsApp conversation.

Chapter 4: (Novel work re-starts yet again!)


The feature was sent, the headache for the night was lightened. Still, I had few pending research about Gurkhas and their participation in the freedom moment, which requires ample of concentration.

Beep* message from Varun Chettri.

Beep* message from Anil Daju

Beep* message from Varun Chettri.

Shut up and let me work, I said to my beeping phone.
I was working for a feature, why are the Gurkha freedom fighters not in the history textbooks today. The research, information, and retrospection were swiftly going on.

Beep* message from Varun Chettri

It read like…

Varun: Hey, miss arrogant, what are you up to?

Done with your supper?

Hey? Could I ask you something?

The last message made me catch my breath. What was he going to ask?
Boys of these days could possibly ask if I was dating someone. I just felt like overlooking the entire texts and replying the latter part but that’s too attention giving type so I replied to all the messages in an algorithm.

Varun: Well, um… do you have a boyfriend?

Why did he ask me that? Isn’t it hasty enough to have this conversation? I told myself.

Me: That’s out of your concern Varun, concentrate on your work. Journalists are a set of busy people who have less time for affairs. Goodnight


Varun: Hey? Wait!   

Varun: Yeah, I apologize but I just wanted to mention that you are beautiful. 

 Me: thanks.

I am very skilled in altering the flirty conversation to a decent conclusion, I was told by an acquaintance once.

Varun: so much of attitude, how do you manage to talk to people with this attitude Miss Journalist?

Me: Varun, do you think it’s essential to know all the pros and cons of Varinka?

Varun: since we are working together, Yes!

Me: whatever.

Varun: are you single?

Me: no I’m plural.

Varun: please be serious.

Me: I don’t have time for relationship. 

Varun: do you think I’m nagging you?

Me: I’m working on a very important topic Varun so stop acting silly. If you don’t have work please go to bed.

Varun: you sure?

Me: yes.

Suddenly the messages stopped beeping. I waited for another ten minutes before I wrote to him. I was worried.

Me: hey Varun, I guess you took the situation seriously, I’m sorry for being rude; I was pressurized with the deadline of my work, please understand. Goodnight!

I rehearsed with my phone for some couple of minutes and sent the message after restraining for few moments. He still didn’t seem to check the notification, then I sent another message.

Me: please don’t be upset Varun; see you tomorrow.

(Stay tuned for other chapters) 🙂

Advice for people in LDR this valentine from this pro author

Hi, when you’re in love, everything around you feels beautiful, isn’t it? The weather, heat/cold, whatever! You tend to feel good even when you fall sick just because you know there is someone who cares for you irrespective of the distance.

Valentine’s Day always sounds special, least to me, I don’t know why. I was in hate for years. Still, this day made me feel special about myself. Like how free I was to smile at a good-looking guy wandering alone in town…probably he was single? Hmmm. Then my thoughts would wrestle, ‘No idiot, he is coming back after dropping his girlfriend home’

Oh! Okay… 😀

Let’s leave my story aside! Okay?  [DM me for more details 😉 ]

I’ve sorted few things like what you guys in Long-distance-relationship can really do.

Call him/Skype/facetime/imo or emo or whatever!

So you’d been single for quite some time and this seem to be your first valentine after years of wars with yourself?  You deserve to feel special, but he/she is not around? Awwww! Do one thing, call him/her and talk to each other the entire day.


But dear lovers, what’s the point if you fight for all 364 days and pretend to love just for one damned day?

Write an essay about him, girls!

Like how you girls (I am no exception, just acting smart because I am the damned author of this post, LOL!) write an essay instead of the caption on your friend’s birthday in Instagram or facebook. Sometimes write about him and mail him. If you could write and send letters in old school style, that would be so romantic, trust me.



Guys, write what you love the most about her.

Okay guys, no need to write an essay about her unless you are fond of writing. Girls love those long specific descriptions, though! It’s okay, try and tell her how much you adore when she drunk-talks or how good she looks without makeup or something like that. Make it sound unusually romantic.

Write a cute poem for your partner. 

Yasss! I can do that. Oh, it’s suddenly like writing tips for myself here, haha!

Yeah, write a cute love poem for your significant other, you don’t have to be a poet for that, just make it short and romantically cute. Or make a video, narrate your poem and send via WhatsApp, how hard is that?

Surprise them with bouquets or special deliveries….like food!

How could I miss this, you can always opt for special deliveries unless your better half stays in Kalimpong-My bad! 😀


Okay so, fuck the miles, fuck it!

Love each other without borders. Yeah, love has no boundaries so why ruin your day thinking about the distance? Do little things that would make each others day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in Love or hate, may you be special for now and for forever.
Keep Loving, keep reading, and keep following caffeine and copies. (like and share) 🙂

Love, Varinka Turquoise.

Deal with your break-up!

Traveling from southern part of India to north-east, again to south and back home. Blogging in this rigorous schedule almost became a myth of my life. A promised musical-blog up to come but before that let’s have a bit of fun prior to valentines day. Let me remind you of those exes who promised to betroth you past many 14th February. To those souls who said, ‘I can’t live without you.’  Ask one question this time, ‘Are you dead yet?’

Okay, jokes apart let me get serious on this business.

After repetitive episodes of love and un-love, he came back to the peace of your life eh?



So what now? Keep him? Or overlook his existence and carry on with your life? Well, that would definitely be the most complicated task if you feel you still love him.


unknown (6).jpg


Okay, give him a chance and make sure he puts all of his effort to make things right. But if you feel he is wasting your time, un-love him and move on. Cheers*





But like my case, if you re-meet exes of an ex, i.e your ex before your recent ex, what would you do?
Give him a chance to emotionally crumble you down once again?
Okay ‘good-luck.’


unknown (2).jpg


You might have the tendency to look at the messages which he wrote to you when he was in love with you, why don’t you just format your phone? Remove the pictures you’ve taken together? And replace your folders with selfies with your best friends.



Best people!


Dogs? Women’s best friend, do you have one? Yes!
Why do you even worry about the lack of companionship? You have your dog with you, just know that your pets are better than your exes.




Shop for yourself, shoes? Yes, like your head might be fucked but your shoes should be admirable enough to carry on. Just get those damned shoes




And you might pause in a name while scrolling down your contacts in your phone. Delete the number without any hesitation.


unknown (1).png

Press that damned delete button! 

Happy living


unknown (3).jpg


Ta da! That’s it for now.
See you real soon.

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